As the ref blows the final whistle its almost drowned out by the airplane noise overhead.

This moment triggers something. I raise my head up, is that my call? Another reminder of the ticking clock on my visit here in Japan.

He played well today, no goals but he didn’t let that put him off, and kept getting in good positions and cracking shots off, undeterred.

Spring has definitely sprung here, 12 degrees, bright sunshine and cherry blossom in bloom.

There’s a car rally here in Yokohama today, and the streets are flooded with sports cars from the 1980s. I love seeing the pride on the drivers faces as they parade their beloved machines, objects they’ve cherished, nestled, loved.

I moved a micro step closer to blending in over here today when I bought my first handkerchief. An A5 size hand towel and everyone carries one here. I caved in as hand dryers are absent at the Liverpool football clubhouse. I think they’re deemed a health risk as they circulate germs in the air.

I’ve been out walking daily – to and from Yamashita Park – with the Pacific to my left all the way there and back, it takes about 90 minutes and sets me up for the day well.

The bay area houses the over bearing Hammerhead crane (made in the UK!) a lasting symbol of the busy import / export port Yokohama once was. Now replace with a strip of hotels, restaurants/ fashion outlets called ‘marine and walk’ – Grammatical stuff doesn’t matter and I enjoy this. It actually feels quite freeing and reminds me of this series of photographs I collected when I first arrived. “Respect thoughts wise Maria” is an example of a seemingly random collection of words I found emblazoned on the back of a bomber jacket. “Today is the good day ever!” On another T shirt.

On the way back…

Everytime I walk past this car showroom in town I think to myself how do they fit the cars inside ?!

It’s like a ship in a bottle type of thing.

It’s now 6:39pm, the match finished 90 minutes ago but he’s still out there on the the pitch, smashing home goal after goal under the floodlights

Dan x

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