Taiga woke up seething, as despite there being snow on the ground, school remains open today in Minatomirai. He’d gone to bed optimistic, with snow forecast overnight and the school putting out an emergency message that it ‘might’ cancel. But at around 6am they sent a message via the school’s app that all was well and it was fine to proceed as normal.

Whilst Japan gets tons of the white stuff up North in Hokkaido and Tohoku, Snow (?- Yuki) is a pretty rare occurrence here in Tokyo. I’ve only ever seen it once or twice. Having spent his first five years in England, Taiga has fond memories of sledging, snowball fights and cups of hot chocolate to warm up with afterwards. Nostalgia is not something you’d expect to see in a 9 year old, but when he’s frustrated at the lack of snow action here, that’s what I see.

Last night there was quite a downfall, but this morning it’s clearing up and he’s standing at the window in disbelief at the pitiful display on show. I stand behind him, Howard Blake’s masterpiece ‘Walking In The Air’ plays in my mind and the love of my mother hits me like an avalanche.

How many times did we watch that together? Never enough. The music and script combined to move me deeply, perhaps it was the first time I became aware of the power of music in this way. Thanks Howard.

I’m proud to say Taiga didn’t dwell on this dissapointment, quickly wolfing down his breakfast in an attempt to leave the house as early as possible and play with whatever snow was left lingering on the streets on his way to school. I’m pleased his thirst for fun is firmly intact.

As he leaves the apartment, I watch him through the window and can see he’s in a race against time, scooping up icy chunks with his hands. He spins around the corner out of my sight to join the other kids walking to school together. I reach for my coat, suddenly compelled to rush out there after him…but as I approach the front door to leave something inside me concedes, as I realise I’d be gatecrashing his party, and I let him walk freely.

Dan x

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