Hello. I’ve got a beautiful playlist to share with you. The list was created yesterday by my asking the question “What song is meaningful to you this morning?” – to each of the 15 songwriters present at the workshop I was leading.


My pick was “If Not For You” by Dylan. A cut that’s currently lifting my spirits on every spin.

It was an online, one day workshop called “Songwriting Campfire – A matter of life and death”on zoom. A collab with Company Of Song – a creative venture set up by poet, singer songwriter and artist mentor/manager Katie Whitehouse (no relation) in 2010. She always builds interesting structures to exist in, whether virtual or real on rural retreats.

The focus task of the day was to watch the opening scene from the classic 1946 Powell and Pressburger movie “A Matter of Life and Death” we all watched this dramatic scene together – the pilot plunging to his death, his life flashing before his eyes whilst sharing his final moments and last requests with a warm spirited air traffic control operator on the ground. I followed up with the question: “What’s important to you?”

I feel so blessed and privileged to be able to do stuff like this. The songwriters each shared their unique perspectives on life, love and loss in song. I loved hearing their comments on the pitfalls, pivots and power of the creative process too.

Talking songs, and writing, is a genuine pleasure and a release to share experiences with like minded folks.

All the writers embraced the tasks wholeheartedly and sincerely and I want to thank them for this and generously sharing a collection of raw and personal songs at the evening ‘gig’ behind the glass.

The next one is Saturday March 23 with a theme of Youth : innocence and Experience – book here: https://bit.ly/SongwritingCampfireMARCH