Songwriting Residential in a beautiful, sustainable estate nr Stroud

Gather round a metaphorical ‘songwriting campfire’ led by renowned, award-winning singer-songwriter and composer, Dan Whitehouse, along with artist mentor Katie Whitehouse.

This unique experience offers a modern, soulful journey to unlock your creative potential, drawing inspiration from Dan’s illustrious career achievements. Together, we’ll free your mind, reignite your inner child, and explore innovative songwriting methods. Get ready to craft compelling songs, unforgettable melodies, and powerful stories, all while sharing ideas in a harmonious, nurturing environment.


A playful approach to songwriting
Connect with your creative self
Share your songs around the “songwriting campfire”
Break out of a creative rut
Generate new song ideas in a peaceful environment
Develop your unique artistic voice
Learn new approaches to songwriting
Opportunity to perform and share your songs
Feedback on your songs from peers and professionals