Sit around the online ‘Songwriting Campfire’ with singer-songwriter/composer Dan Whitehouse and artist mentor Katie Whitehouse for a day and write several songs (or song sketches).

Working by ear, and improvisation, not music theory based, use simple musical games and exercises to re-connect yourself with your inner-child creative self. You’ll be guided through a series of innovative exercises, including musical and lyrical games, free-writing, and a connection with both self and nature. These exercises are grounded in intuition and improvisation, devoid of music theory prerequisites, welcoming participants of all musical backgrounds.


Unlock your creative potential. Together, we’ll free your mind, reignite your inner child, and explore innovative songwriting methods.

The workshop will start with an introductory session, demo and Q&A with Dan Whitehouse.

Next is a writing session (interspersed witn one to one mentoring with Dan)

We regroup later for a sharing session.

Dan Whitehouse’s unique method has a track record of helping songwriters overcome creative blocks. Testimonials attest to its success, describing it as a refreshing and inspiring opportunity to dedicate time to the art of songwriting.

“All the ideas were refreshing, and just giving myself the time to devote to writing is pretty rare, even in lockdown.”

“Thank you for helping me get out of my skin.”

“This was like trying to notate feelings, rather than theory”

“I found it useful to let go of perfect chord progressions and focus on the bit that’s inspiring – writing songs”


Dan Whitehouse is a globally recognised and award-winning singer-songwriter, accomplished composer, and experienced broadcaster, amassing over two decades of expertise in curating, planning, and conducting songwriting and music workshops in diverse settings and community initiatives. His contributions have reached international platforms, he has run songwriting workshops and retreats with esteemed organisations such as the Musicians Union, BBC Introducing, mac, BIMM, and the Company of Song.

Katie Whitehouse, a poet, songwriter, artist-mentor, and the visionary behind Company of Song and From The Whitehouse music agency, boasts an impressive eight-ten year legacy of crafting and hosting songwriting retreats. Her work transcends borders, resonating with artists and enthusiasts across the globe.

In advance of the workshop we will send you instructions for how to prepare for the day, which will include preparing your writing space, and making sure you have food and drink at the ready for the whole day. Don’t take phone calls or check mail Isolation – tell your friends and family your plans and ask them not to disturb (unless you want to collaborate with them).

£35 (to include the one to one session)
£25 (workshop only)