I leave the UK for Japan tomorrow. The flight’s about 15 hours, the time difference is +9.

The human experience this translates to is you get on a plane, shuffle restlessly in a seat, watch a marathon of movies, eat bits of wierd food, and when you eventually get off it’s the same time, local time the next day.

Do I sound grumpy? I’m sorry.

I can’t wait to see my son, of course, and my intention is to remain open, flexible to all he wants to say and do. I left Japan on April 7th, about 7 months ago. He will have changed, everything will have evolved and I can’t know what to expect. We have spoken via the glass almost everyday since I left… but my view feels limited from this device. I get a great view of the bottom of his mug! And I’m excited to experience the wide angle later this week.

And I intend to write what I see, both here in this diary and in song.

I’m working on a new solo album called ‘Only Love’. It’s a collection of personal songs performed and written by myself and no one else.

I love other people. I am truly blessed to have so many good friends in and outside of music. But with this new little collection I feel the need to look inward and paint what I see, sing what my soul wants to say.

I’ve noticed that times close to arrival and departure from Japan are the most sensitive and affecting. So this time I intend to leave the red light on, pen in hand, and will be sharing whatever comes out via Patreon.

I have this advent calendar for him cos you can’t get ‘em over there, do you think I’ll be able to keep it straight?!