The perfect motivation for a fearless dive into creation. What have we got to lose?

Timing is everything with performance isn’t it. And the end of our Ten Steps tour together felt like the right moment for Max ZT and I to turn on the red record light, roll the tapes and take a little snapshot of where we are at right now…the point we’ve reached together. 

We chose to go to Real World Studios. I like the place. Some of you might have seen footage of me working in there, both solo (link) and band (link) set ups playing songs from The Glass Age and Reflections. 

Designed and built by Peter Gabriel in the 1980s in rural Wiltshire, it’s effectively a mini creative village comprising several purpose built music studios – flooded with natural light and supportive acoustics, instrument and equipment workshops. Accommodation is available on site, large firm mattresses in solid old buildings with big windows you can open (crucial for singers preparing to perform of course). 

I love it there and could happily stay forever!

We went in planning to record 2/3 songs from our live show, which we did. Shortly after lunch, Max and I turned to one another and realised we were all set up for recording in a beautiful sounding room with the remainder of the day to spare. His return flight to New York was early the next morning and this cliff edge created the perfect motivation for a fearless dive into creation. What have we got to lose?

He began playing something decidedly unfamiliar, but I closed my eyes and trusted him to guide my pen across the page. The trust felt binding and strong, having lead one another both musically and physically up and down a fine green land these past two weeks together. 

“Take me home, take me home – roof tops, tiny cars, roads unwind like fingers”, I sang, as Max painted a cinematic landscape. My own flight back to Japan now appearing into focus on the horizon. I depart Heathrow this Sunday at 7pm and can’t wait to see my boy.

I know it’ll be different. I’m wide open and anticipate change, they grow up fast, I’ll be here, my pen barely leaving the page.

Dan x

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