Full of gratitude to Katie and Matt at From The Whitehouse agency today for curating what felt more like a mini festival than a gig at Dartington Arts near Totnes last night.

An eclectic bill saw India Bourne’s The Big Skirts choir begin proceedings in such a generous manner: 16 open hearted voices delivering the rich tapestry of India’s arrangements with love, followed by a raw, stripped back performance from Billie Maree with Ben Roberts on cello that felt nourishing in it’s earthy tones and natural flow.

The show was a first for me on piano and I spoke at length with the voice in my head before during and after the show. I’m pleased to report we had a healthy debate and I felt listened to by both my true self and the seated audience.

Reflecting on all this today, last night was the perfect fuel as I gather strength and embark on this new run of shows (and a rainy M25) this afternoon.
Tonight I’m doing a curious private gig in Hemel Hempstead and my first night of 2023 in a Travelodge. Can’t help wondering if they’ve changed the design of the bed scarf…..
Will report back.
Stay dry and join me out there dan-whitehouse.com/live

? Big thanks to Philip Sharkey for the photos.