Max ZT and I met online on the Global Music Match international collaboration project which ran between May and September 2021.

I was out in Japan at the time, and our collaborations began with my sharing some field recordings from Japan: a group of sun worshippers provided inspiration for our first song ‘Shizuka’. We have since written an album together and the title track is ‘Ten Steps’ – a song about taking bold strides, facing fears, and overcoming obstacles – I love writing story songs and ‘Ten Steps’ is inspired by the journey’s of the many characters I have written about and my own experiences of a family torn between lands.

Writing TEN STEPS together has been a wonderful opportunity for our two different perspectives to coalesce – Max brings such a wide spectrum of  harmony and for me it is exciting to be exploring spoken word and songwriting outside of the conventional structures of popular music
The day we recorded this video felt like a special moment, we’d just played 5 shows straight back to back on our UK tour and we felt strong, like we’d traversed all weathers and reached a creative mountain peak together…. and of course Silk Mill Studios is a beautiful place to be ‘looking out’ averting out eyes to the skies and to capture a live performance and we were blessed to be able to be there together in that moment, enjoy the video