I hope you’ve been sidestepping the showers and enjoying the festivals and party spirit that’s been in the air this last week or so in the UK…Lunar festival provided a peaceful sort of fun last Monday (have a look at the photos from the talented photographer Richard Shakespeare), and i’ve been pleased to receive editorial features in both ‘Musician’ and ‘Maverick’ magazines this week. To be frank I was stunned to read ‘Musician’ magazine describe me as a possible heir to Jeff Buckley, have a read on facebook if you’re interested.

Three gigs coming up this month:


Wed 13th: Camden Proud Galleries. 8:45pm

Sat 16th: Big Session Festival. 11:45am

Friday 29th: ‘Ditch The TV’ at Maudslay, Coventry 8:30pm

I have a few guest list spaces available for Wednesday in London so please message me if you’d like to come along.


Very Best,