Whilst my music has been described as having pastoral folk influences and I use acoustic instruments the lyrics narrate modern life. I live in the city and in my experience, sharing a cup of coffee with a good friend is the closest many of us get to the confession box, and for me, talking things over with a coffee can be good therapy time.

Whether it’s meeting people, chewing the fat, caffeine hit, clarity of thought, lists, dreams, decisions, reflective thoughts. You can achieve a lot over a cuppa, and that’s why it made it onto my album…

The track (my stupid face) features a field recording of Michael Clarke (producer) drinking coffee in the bull ring, blended with the sound of me drinking a cup at New Street station. The song marks half-time on the album, the midway point where traditionally you would have to turn the record over to side b. The sort of forced silent moment that has been lost in our trigger happy digital age where if you’re not getting your kicks, you click.

It’s a very reflective lyric and I wanted to represent a personal, quiet moment of self analysis. I tend to have over dramatic facial expressions. People walking in the street, or fellow drivers on the road often mis-read me and presume I giving them a dirty look. I don’t mean to do it, I just tend to worry a lot and have a furrowed brow!
What i’m saying in the lyric is that no matter how ugly or silly my face looks, my ears are open and ready to listen.

Hope to see you out on the road this month.

Dan x