It is always so lovely to hear tales of songs resonating throughout the wider community. Just got this email…

“I sent your video to my Dad who has a heart condition and has just had a pacemaker fitted. He played it 3 times … then replied to say how much he likes it.”

My Heart Doesn’t Age (It Just Gets Older) Video

I’ve worried and doubted a lot of things throughout my life, but never the power of music. The power of music is a strong pillar in my landscape.
In addition to songwriting I do a lot of music workshops with adults with learning difficulties, using music in a therapeutic way. Working with small groups of people in various arts centres, schools, day centres and care homes across the West Midlands.

Some participants are classified as having ABI (acquired brain injury) and suffer from memory loss. With these participants I use songs and melodies that act as memory triggers. Together we compose short bursts of melody and lyrics that remind them of names, dates, family members, holidays past and future, any events in their life story. I also dip into popular music repertoire, usually looking for songs that were significant in their life, remind them of times gone by, previous relationships or pre accident events.

This work hasn’t radically changed my perception of the power of music, it’s been a process of affirmation. Music has always been there for me and now I’m more confident than ever that music, and specifically the process of music making MAKES LIFE BETTER! x