Back from my travels to Bristol and London, and a fun Wolverhampton gig sandwiched between.

Whilst in London I managed to sit at the writing desk of HG Wells and enjoyed some cucumber sandwiches with no crusts, in Bristol I watched Wilco and found a GOOD cafe that I want to play at but can’t remember the name of.

I am in the process of sorting out a few things, more gigs, video footage from last weeks gig at the Glee Club Birmingham, remixes, and scanning artwork. Said artwork is perhaps the most exciting feature of my week. My dear friend Kiran Williams has produced a truly beautiful book of the song ‘ My Heart Doesn’t Age (It Just Gets Older). I have had it scanned at a print shop but I am not happy with it yet, I want to share it with you in the best possible manner of course.

Here’s a little note for one’s diaries: on December 1st i’ll be playing the ‘Live Lounge’ of the White Lion, Sandwell Street, Walsall WS1 3EQ and Dec 11th at Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road Islington, London N1 8LN

Have you seen the photographs Carsten Dietrich took of the Glee gig last week? Have a look here

Bye for now