was the text I just received from Tom Bounford, my violin playing friend.

I think he summed it up well really. It was a cold night but as the audience took to their seats in the studio at Glee Club, but by the end of the evening there was a really warm atmosphere. Peter Bruntnell played a lovely acoustic set, with the last minute addition of John Large on drums adding to the magic of the moment. Peter’s guitarist (and next door neighbour) James Walbourne was a real treat to watch, effortlessly gliding across the fretboard, producing an array of timely atmospherics and counter melodies.
I was a little nervous before I went on, but once we started playing together I revelled in the experience, the band sounded fluid and the arrangements appeared to grow and blossom in front of us!

Thank you to all that made the effort to come and bought the album, I hope you enjoy listening over coming days.

I’m off to watch Wilco play in Bristol today.

Take care