Three great gigs this week, thank you to everyone that came along, it has been lovely to see lots of warm, ever more familiar faces, including Black Country’s finest fireman 🙂

I thoughtthe studio room at the Glee Club served both musician and audience well last night, The Miserable Rich sounded brilliant in this intimate setting.

The band and I really enjoyed playing the new songs too (Landscape in particular) and we are talking/thinking about recording the new album, with a working title of Forest.

Special thanks must go out to Elena Thomas who produced some really fantastic recycled shed bags and badges, which are as unique and loveable as they sound.

Next gig is at Jamhouse

August 31st, i think it is free admission so may be a good chance to invite a friend for a ‘free trial’.

Stay in touch.

Dan x

ps – photo by Focused from Saturday: