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I have to confess to being a little starstruck upon meeting Jeremy in a car park yesterday. I reguarly tune in and enjoy his mix of pop & pundits and his quick thinking intelligent delivery makes for a real good chewy listen (what I mean is the guests on the phone in often provoke a wide range of reactions and I find myself nodding in a greement or screaming and banging on the steering wheel in despair)  

So I was really pleased Jeremy played Where Is The Love? and would like to thank him for taking the bold step of playing an unsigned artist on daytime national radio. Co – written with Eric Barlow, the song features the wonderful sound of BJ Cole on pedal steel and Carina Round on vocals. Read more about the recording process here


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This project was a real pleasure from beginning to end. The research part of it was fun as I had a valid reason to sit and watch hours of Ray Goslings wonderful films, and the filming day was great as Ray is a true gent and shared a lot of wisdom.

Next week I will be featured on a great website called Tunatheday

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Bye for now