I went to the bank this morning and was surprised to find it has been turned into a betting shop!

A similar business model though I guess…

Very happy to announce I have two gigs confirmed supporting The Miserable Rich, a solo show at Band On The Wall in Manchester and with the band at Glee Club Birmingham. Get details on my live page

On Monday I supported Ian Siegal at Robin 2 Wolves, and for his encore he covered a Guy Clark song called The Cape…it’s a wonderful lyric and I am grateful to Ian for introducing me to it and for his powerful big bad blues set that night. You can hear it on this video though I havent watched the footage so have no idea what that is all about.

Tuesday was spent in the company of a whole host of wonderful folk, filming for the ‘Somebody Loves You’ video. Not sure when it will be complete, but will certainly let you know on this blog.

Wednesday and Thursday have been real world working days, (albeit with a bit of a hazy head and vague dreamy thoughts about writing a song for dear friend who passed recently) and rudely interrupted by my car insurance company requesting vast some sums, immediately

Looking forward to a few days off now, hope you can get a break too:)


Dan x