M5 Closure meant I took the scenic route home from Bath to Birmingham at 3am last night, thanks should go to BBC World Service for keeping me sane (and awake!).

I can happily say it was worth it though, Bath is a beautiful city and Peter Green’s crowd made me feel very welcome indeed (good singers too!).

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It has been a busy start to 2010, full of lots of new happenings that I welcome with open arms.

My collaboration in concert with The Brewood Singers was a rip roaring success: many thanks to all involved for making that such a wonderful night….watch this space for video footage from the night, here is a photo:

Focused Photography Brewood Singers and DW March 13 2010
Focused Photography Brewood Singers and DW March 13 2010

I would also like to introduce my new friend Elena Thomas, a captivating artist who does some very interesting things with sheds.  Please check out the photos on her website to see how uses old clothes and discarded household textiles as motifs, reminding us of the people who used them, the evidence that they existed. We have been talking and drinking tea together and are planning an interesting event.

Over the coming months I will be playing several acoustic gigs and preparing the box ep for it’s digital release (itunes et al) on June 7th.

Finally, a kind gentleman approached me after the show in Bath last night and thanked me for playing ‘Somebody Loves You’ . I want to thank everyone who sang along last night and include the lyric here for the kind gentleman and his son:

Bye for now,

Dan x

Somebody Loves You – The Bubble EP

Is this what it’s for? All that work.
Is this what it’s for? All those words.
Is this what it’s for? Just to beat me down here on the floor.
I’m fed up of thinking I exist for some other reason, I insist.
This is all you get, this is life. Good morning.
This is it.

So get out of bed, and go to work.
Those thoughts in your head, they’ll only make you hurt.
This is daytime, dreaming’s for nightime. This is life.

Born a little boy, you became a man.
It didn’t happen fast, it didn’t go as planned.
But you are in one piece and you have the rest of your life at your feet.

Everybody else has been down here too,
Yeah they might not show it – but they have felt like you.
So pull yourself together, wash your face, dry your eyes. This is life.

Tomorrow you’ll be fine, (well maybe not!) but in a week or so’s time…
Someone will say something, and you will realise you are smiling – you are having a good time.

Yes you will look around and see the flowers, all the colours under the sun,
you could stare for hours, well maybe not, but for a minute there you realised what you’ve got…
Not merely a bag of bones, beautiful skin.
And inside your little head, there’s that thing that makes you think.
Well you can tell it not to worry, but you wont be coming home – follow your heart.

Somebody loves you, you know that.
They really really need you, and you need them back.