‘…it feels like lots of different things coming to together… ‘ Steve Clarke/Bass at about 11:56pm last night.


Steve’s comment is the one left ringing in my ears this morning, following an evening jam packed full of warm greetings, tender exchanges and startling performances. Last night was the launch party for the box ep, my third and final offering of 2009, and I really enjoyed myself…thank you!

Michael Clarke opened the event with a collection of beautiful songs and gave us a sneak peak at some new material which contain some of his most poignant lyrics to date. Everyone (myself included) seemed to instantly warm to ‘The Boy and The Buffalo’ and was excited to hear talk of a new album of ‘acoustic stuff’ (let us know when it’s ready Mike!)

Vashti Anna travelled up from North London to join us, and we were treated to her debut show with new drummer/percussionist Alan. She ripped it up. When she performs she appears to lose control (in a good way), and connects with with something ethereal I can’t quite put my finger on but I know is there!

She mountaineers across a varied landscape of moods, from brooding melancholy (think Joan As Police Woman) to the uplifting jam ‘Infatuation’ (think Feist). Drummer Alan accents and follows her lead effortlessly and I am honoured to have witnessed the early stages of what could be a great bond.

My set was funny, with a good bit of banter with a fake moustache wearing heckler early on!

I want to say thank you very much to my band, who played beautifully, what I love the most is the way that they listen as much as play, makes for an interesting and fulfilling conversation! x