Someone has written a great song, go and listen to Oh Laura’s ‘Release Me’.

I heard it on Radio 2 Saturday afternoon and was so taken I bought the album on Sunday.

Anyway, I am also writing to inform you that the Balloon is now mixed, and can be heard in full with a bit of intuitive clickety click between my site and my myspace.

Thank you to all that have placed orders for the EP, I will be posting very soon, just finishing off the inlay artwork.

Our next gig is this Thursday in London and then November 13th at Alchemy in Wolverhampton. Alchemy is managed by the wonderfully creative mind of Matt from Colour Promo, plus the illy coffee there is not half bad and the DJ is always playing some kind of interesting folk/anti-folk/electronica/alternative rock jems!

Avoid those needles!

Dan x