Good evening,

Tonight I present to you some news of my busy week and lots of great video clips.

Today I was working on artwork for The Balloon EP with the wonderful Rosalind Alexis Glover, earlier in the week I recruited the lovely Ian of Choice Balloons to produce a ‘needles, pins and all sharp things’ ltd. edition yellow balloon, mixing the EP tomoro with Chef and video with MJH Productions on Sunday.

I have been looking through You tube for inspiration, thought you may like some of these:

1. JOSH RITTER solo performance (mimed), great landscape back drop

2. FIONN REGAN solo performance (live) very unique concept

3. DAMIEN RICE solo performance (mimed), i like the rough edits

4. DAVID FORD solo performance (live), very creative unique concept

5. TEDDY THOMPSON band performance (mimed), classic concept with simple narrative, great retro looking mic!

6. STEPHEN FRETWELL band performance (mimed), we set up our piano in same way. Good close ups on hands/instruments

Hope you enjoy,

See you at the gigs in Wolverhampton next Tuesday (Varsity) and Thursday (Light House).