Dear everybody,

Hope you are enjoying the summertime and reading this on a paradise island somewhere…

I am just about to go to France for a little break myself, via Swansea to visit to my dear friend Maia and am in reflective mood:

You may already be aware that over the last few months (since Feb) I have formed a new band, played a few gigs and recorded lots of songs in the studio at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton.

It’s been busy, but also the best time ever thanks to the tireless enthusiasm and hard work of everyone involved: Ryan, June, John, Steve, Tom, Salene, Andy Bole, Helen, Fran, Emma, Andy Pell, Michael Clarke, Tariq, John S, Shelly, Catherine – Thank you  x x x

The songs are currently being mixed by Ryan, and he will soon be sending over finished mixes for our feedback, and we plan to meet in September to make any final alterations.

I think I will release the music as 2 EPs: ‘The Balloon’ and ‘The Bubble’….the titles refer to types of hideaway, states of mind within which we exist – sometimes by choice and at other times we just wake up one day and realise we are inside a bubble, or a balloon.

I have ordered 700 recycled cardboard CD sleeves and together with local artist Rosalind I shall be screen printing each individual cover in her kitchen!

Primarily, I will sell the discs at gigs, and via my site, though they will also be available for digital download through a Birmingham based company called Ditto music.

I have two very exciting events planned at the Light House, on September 25 and then again on November 22. 2 lovely chaps ( have agreed to film the gigs, and we shall be performing songs from the two EPs; with a string quartet!….stick the dates in your diary now!

All the best,