Have I ever loved a stress ball?

Whitehouse @ Light House Next Thursday 19th & Captain Beefheart Guitarist Recording News

I am starting to get excited about next weeks gig/party/gathering at Light House Media Centre, Wolverhampton.

We’ll be playing as a four piece with John on Cajon, June on Piano and Tom on Violin and Mandolin. It’s going to take place in the gallery, which a lovely room – and the venue have promised cushions on the floor this time to make it comfy for everyone!

I really hope you can come (and bring a friend or two!) its free to get in and the lock works café do great coffees/beers/wines and salads and cakes (this is the most crucial info of course!).

See you at 7:30pm Thursday 19th June.

Lock Works Cafe within Light House Media Centre,
The Chubb Buildings Fryer Street

For more info: http://www.light-house.co.uk/lockworks.shtml

Meanwhile, recording has been continuing in earnest with the variety of guest musicians in the studio almost (but not quite!) matching the vast array of sugary snacks and strong coffees!

Guitarist Andy Bole was a real highlight, he arrived with a literally a van load of stringed instruments ranging from bouzouki to dobro to mandolin and a beautiful 50s Gibson electric guitar. He was also well stocked up on effects pedals and poured generous helpings of ambient sounds, booms, clicks and noises over the meat and two veg main we had already prepared. He played on the latest Captain Beefheart record and has worked with Clapton and Stevie Winwood too…though he so very modest you’d never tell. It was exciting to collaborate with a mind of such deep experience, and I have made a mentla note to go and see his own band ‘Fret and Fiddle’ as soon as.

Andy’s partner Sal played violin and viola (beautifully) and proved she has true Olympia studio stamina by gracefully enduring hour upon hour of mumbo jumbo muso speak and misguided direction (from me) and clear orientation (from John Large) on what she  ought to play on ‘Carousel’ and ‘Somebody Loves You’. Please check out the pics by Steph here: www.stuffbysteph.co.uk/photos/danwhitehouse

Tom Bounford was also silly enough to make a second visit down to our dingy den on what was possibly the brightest Sunniest Sunday of the year so far and added some great violin to ‘You Can’t Give Me Anymore’.

I think the recordings are sounding good, although today I cannot be sure. If you picture my record as a stress ball : many different people have been picking it up and shaping it recently , and I feel like I need to get it back in my bosom for a bit of a love (not that I’ve ever  loved a stress ball).

I am starting to think that I may stagger the release these songs in the form of two 7 track EPs. The first would come out on Sept 3rd (my birthday and launch gig!) and be entitled ‘Please listen’ and the second would come out in March (my sisters birthday) and be called ‘Before You React’…which of course completes the line from which hit single?!?

But who knows, I’ll probably change my mind by next week. If I do I’ll be sure to tell you all about it…